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400 Sport & Scrambler
(choose from three different pipes for these popular models)
This pipe is designed for drag racing, dunning, 
or for anyone who craves peak horse power. While being to much for most trail riding situations, it has no match in shear acceleration and top speed.  
Works best with orange clutch spring.
Our most popular pipe!  This pipe pulls smoothly and predictably over a wide range.  The good bottom end of this pipe for low clutch engagements, while still gaining over 8 horse power on top. 
Works best with plain clutch spring.
This pipe has the same peak horsepower as the factory pipe, but the lowend horsepower is brought up dramatically.  For use in tight woods or pulling.  The pipe uses stock silencer or RCR's silencer.  
For use with stock clutching or green spring.


All Pipes and Silencer Combinations.....$255.00 Pipe Alone.............$190.00 Silencer Alone...........$70.00


All 300's / 350's / and 400 Utility Machines 

RCR pipes are the industry standard on these machines.  No other company even comes close in power band width and horsepower.  Clutching varies from model to model.

250 Trailblazer & Trailboss 

RCR pipes provide a much needed boost in power to these machines throughout the RPM range.  Clutching varies for model and riding conditions.

500 Scrambler 

This replacement flows almost twice as much as the stock system.  Power gains are right off the bottom and continue through to the top end.  Clutching varies from year to year. 


Spark Arresters 

Available for all RCR exhaust systems 


RCR Stage 1 Performance Kit 
(All parts in the kits are available separately) 
Kit includes your choice of RCR pipe and silencer, clutching, carburetor jets, Hi-flow airbox mod kit with air filter.  This is a package that works together, and is built for your riding style and conditions.............. $325.00 

*Fuel and Air Performance Upgrades*
V-Force Reed Cage
Reed cage adds over 2 horsepower and an awesome throttle response.  Easy installation.
38 millimeter TMX Flatside Carburetor
Replacing the stock 34 millimeter carburetor with the 38 TMX adds 2 horsepower and sharper throttle response.  Uses existing dash mounted choke.
Hi-flow Air Box Modification Kit
Kit includes new air filter, hardware and instructions.  Greatly increases air flow to engine while retaining the water protection of the factory box. $35.00
*Engine Building*
(Horsepower not Hand grenades)
RCR in-house machine shop has a 15 year reputation for building the fastest most reliable engines in the business.

RCR Porting Proper porting and head work drastically raise power levels on Polaris quads.  All port work is performed exclusively by RICK RITTER. $230.00
RCR Head Work Raising the compression and adjusting squish clearance is a must on ported cylinders.  Works well on stock cylinders too.  Please specify fuel type you are using. $50.00
Bore Stock Carb. Over sizing the stock carb gives an added boost in performance, plus the clean fit of the original carburetor is retained. $60.00
RCR Quick Rev Flywheel Modification Removing up to 13 ounces from the flywheel allows the engine to build RPM's quicker.  Highly recommended for quicker engine response. $75.00
Cylinder Boring Proper boring, honing, and chamfering of ports is essential for long engine life.  This is no place to take chances with your engine.  RCR's experience in this area assures you of getting it done right! $35.00
Wiseco Pistons Factory Polaris pistons will crack.  It is unavoidable.  Replace the factory piston with a Wiseco before it trashes your engine.  Wiseco pistons come complete with piston, rings, wrist pin, and circlips. $90.00

RCR stocks a good supply of gaskets, rod kits, and other engine components.  We offer the BEST ENGINE BUILDING SERVICES AVAILABLE ANYWHERE.  Feel free to call for pricing or more information. 
Phone  (618)  644-3211 *or* Fax (618)  644-3212 
Store Hours:  Mon-Fri  10:00 to 6:00 CST  *and*  Saturday  11:00 to 2:00 CST

Chain Tensioner A must for jumping, helps eliminate chain breaking and derailment. $55.00
Splitt Brake Kit Kit includes everything you need to have your front brakes controlled with your right hand, and your rear brakes controlled with your left hand. $140.00
Lower Steering Post Bushing Replace factory plastic bushing with a brass bushing in a billet aluminum housing.  This setup is way better then the original. $35.00
Tachometer The analogue tachometer hooks to your lighting circuit in minutes.  That's right!! The lighting circuit! Gauge measures a little over 2" and weighs less than 2 ounces. $100.00
Shockwares Keep the crud off your shocks.  Includes a set of three covers.  Available in a variety of colors.  Installs in less then ten minutes, no tools needed. $45.00
Foot Pegs These pegs attach to the original floorboards, giving you a better control of your footing. $25.00
Oil Injector Block-off Kit Kit blocks off area after oil injection has been removed. $16.00
Throttle Cable For use after oil injection has been removed $19.00
*Clutch Tuning*
Polaris PVT's are quite tunable.  RCR carries the components to tune them to your quad riding style and preference.  Please phone or e-mail us for recommendations on what will work best for you.  This is the best way we can get you what you need for your application.

Phone  (618)  644-3211 *or*  Fax (618)  644-3212

E-Mail: rcracing@rittercycle.com
Store Hours:  Mon-Fri  10:00 to 6:00 CST  *and*  Saturday  11:00 to 2:00 CST


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*All Ritter Cycle (RCR) products and services are designed for use in off road and closed course competition only.  These products are intended for use by professional racers experienced in the use and application of such products.  Please note this before ordering.
Rick and Amy Ritter 

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