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Warrior & Wolverine
The Motofast Banshee exhaust is designed for enhanced lowend and midrange power.  Motofast pipes are the choice of Kim Kuhnle, #1 banshee rider in the national cross country series.
 These exhausts are available exclusively through RCR.
Motofast 2 into 1 pipe and aluminum silencer  
*Mild Steele Pipe* 


Motofast 2 into 1 pipe and aluminum silencer 
*Stainless Steele Pipe* 


Twin Pipes RCR carries several types of twin pipes, our recommendations vary for different uses.  Call RCR for applications and recommendations. 
(618) 664-3211
Prices Start at 
28 Millimeter TMX Flatside Carburetors Kit comes with 2 carburetors, spare jets, and a cable for use with stock thumb throttle.  Mounts cleanly into stock manifold and airbox with no modifications, and absolutely amazing throttle response. $300.00
RCR Porting Port modifications to the Banshee greatly enhance performance.  RCR has port modifications to match your application. $325.00
RCR Head Modification Head modifications greatly enhance the usable power of any Banshee.  This is one of the few mods that increases with power across the full range of the RPM Band. $120.00
Crankshaft rebuild, true and weld Welding the crank helps to eliminate the problem of separating, Banshee cranks tend to have.  Price DOES NOT include parts. $125.00
Porting RCR cylinder porting is a must for top performance on your blaster.  Ports are reshaped and port timing is altered to greatly increase the power output.  Use with RCR modified head for best results. $230.00
RCR Head Modifications Raising compression and adjusting squish clearance is recommended for stock or modified cylinders.  Power gains are throughout the power band. $50.00
Rebuilt Crankshaft Includes new rod, pin, upper and lower bearing, thrust washers and labor. $135.00
232 cc Big Bore Kit 

RCR resleeves your cylinder and raises the bore size to 72 millimeters, others call this a 240 cc modification, but it really is a 232.  The cylinder is then ported, and the head is modified to accept the increase in bore size.  Kit includes gaskets for the topend, piston assembly, wrist pin bearing, sleeve, all machine work including port work.  These kits are reliable and produce a huge increase in power over a wide power band. 


*Warrior and Wolverine*
RCR Exhaust This exhaust uses sound chambers, not packing, to muffle the exhaust tone. $200.00
Camshaft and Valve Spring Kit We have two different cams to choose from, depending on your type of riding and additional modifications to your engine. $175.00
Camshaft Core Charge Core charge is refunded upon our receiving your serviceable cam. $70.00
Head Porting Porting optimizes the flow through the cylinder head.  This increases horsepower without sacrificing reliability. $190.00
Wiseco Pistons These pistons have a compression ratio of 10.25:1  And are available in sizes up to .040" oversize.  The increase in compression enhances the performance.  Pump gasoline is all that is needed when using the piston. $97.00
Crankshaft Rebuild Includes new rod, pin, bearing, thrust washers, and labor. $175.00
430 cc Big Bore Stroker Kit 
Very reliable, and very torque.  This is the ultimate warrior/wolverine modification.  Options vary so call us for details.  (618) 664-3211 
$1200.00 and up
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Warrior & Wolverine
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*All Ritter Cycle (RCR) products and services are designed for use in off road and closed course competition only.  These products are intended for use by professional racers experienced in the use and application of such products.  Please note this before ordering.
Rick and Amy Ritter
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